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      1. UTM-35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

        This series of mobile concrete batching plant adopts the semi-pulling structure with running system and standard coupling pin included. It can be dragged by trailer. Without foundation and commissioning enables convenient transportation, the mixing plant can be divided into several standard modules, and then be packed into containers.

        Features and Benefits:

        General Information of UTM-35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

        Capacity: 35m3/h
        Mixing Time: 60 S
        Max Aggregate Size: 60/80 mm
        Discharging Height: 3800 mm
        Total Power: 60kw
        Total Weight: 18Ton             
        Total Dimensions: 14500×4050×7600mm
        Transportation: Double Axle Chassis

        Technical Parameters of UTM-35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

        1. MIXING SYSTEM
        Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer: JS750
        Volume: 1250 L
        Capacity: 750 L
        Paddle quantity: 16 pieces
        Paddle Speed: 30.5r/min
        Mixing Motor: 30kw
        2. AGGREGATE SYSTEM                    
        2.1Aggregate Batcher: PLD1200
        Volume: 4×5m3=32
        Sort of aggregate: 4
        Capacity: 60 m3/h
        Power: 7.5 kw
        Sand vibrator: 0.37kw×2
        2.2. Aggregate Belt Conveyor  1 unit
        Width: 800 mm       
        Length: 18000mm                     
        Speed: 1.6 m/s                 
        Motor: 7.5 kw
        3. CEMENT SYSTEM                        
        Cement Silo: 20 Ton
        Cement Screw Feeder: 2 units
        Diameter: Φ219mm
        Length: 11.8 m
        4. ADDITIVE SYSTEM             
        Additive silo capacity: 1 m3
        Pneumatic valve: Φ50 mm
        Pump: 3 kw
        5. WATER SYSTEM 
        Submersible pump: 3 kw
        Water pump: 0.75 kw
        Water tank: 3 m3
        6. AIR SYSTEM            
        Air Compressor: 1 unit
        Power: 7.5 kw
        Pressure: 0.7 Mpa            
        Air flew: 0.8 m3/min
        7.1 Aggregate weighing   1 unit
        Weighing Capacity: 1.6 m3
        Precision: ±2%
        7.2 Cement weighing  1 unit
        Weighing Capacity: 1m3
        Precision: ±1%
        7.3 Water Weighing     1 unit
        Weighing Capacity: 150 kg
        Precision: ±1%
        7.4 Additive Weighing   1 unit
        Weighing Capacity: 40 kg                    
        Precision: ±1%
        8. CONTROL SYSTEM:
        PLC command and control operation
        Main electrical components: Schneider
        17’’ colorful computer
        Manuel and Auto Control is freely changeable

        Customer Reviews:
        Frequently Questions:

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